Why am I writing this blog?

Virtual AssistantAs explained in my last blog, is to give my readers an insight into my journey setting up my very first business by myself. What is that business??? I am a Virtual Assistant. Yes, a Virtual Assistant is one of the next 6 “Big Things” in #tech world. Fabulous is what I think.

Imagine all of us Personal Assistants who don’t live near the Capital or any of the large major cities and are not able to tap into the recruitment circle that is the hive of activity that goes with living near these areas’ in Ireland. There is actually a way now thanks to Wi-Fi to tap into this hive of activity and that is being Virtual.

Why had no one told me about this concept before, why had I not thought of this before?? Oh yes too busy wiping bums, wiping spills and all that goes with condensing all of time into my fabulous 4 children and husband for the past 4 years. Did I mention my husband is a dairy farmer? Dairy Farmers come with very special T&C’s especially when you are married to one.

Perfect I found a career path that I loved the sound of but what makes me qualified to work for an entrepreneur and small businesses completing their administration tasks on their behalf…virtually.

  1. Education
  2. Years of Work Experience as a Personal Assistant & Office Manager
  3. Working in a multitude of different Industries
  4. Combination of the above
  5. Being a Parent


I have a BBS Degree specialising in Human Resources from Waterford Institute of Technology

Years of Experience as a PA / Office Manager

I have over 13 years’ experience as a Personal Assistant to Directors, CEO’s and VP’s. I have worked as an Office Manager in small sized companies completing all operational tasks for an umbrella of multitude of departments. All departments in the company being me.

Working in Various Industries

I have worked in various industries over the years. I have worked in the IT recruitment sector, construction, commercial property, call centre, natural energy, enterprise within the education system, manufacturing waste equipment, accountancy and medical device industries.

Combination of points 1-3

Just knowing all of the above combined together gives me the confidence to carry out businesses tasks to the standard that was required of me in all of my roles. Along with me wanting to give 100% all of the time.

Being a Parent

How can being a parent qualify me? Being a parent requires you to be good at multi-tasking, especially being a mother of 4 along with a husband who has a job that requires him to work 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. (Don’t worry he gets 1 week off during the year – the joys of your own business in the agriculture sector). Multi-tasking to survive combined with fantastic time management skills will allow you to execute the multi-tasking of the jobs in hand. So the cycle continues.

To find out more email geraldine@upcore.blackstairsdemo.com or contact Geraldine on 087 7743205

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